Is there support for multiple devices?

Multiple device support is available in Unity and Unreal or via the LeapC API and there is documentation and examples which can help to guide you on how to access the tracking data from multiple devices.

This can be used to expand the tracking range and also aggregating this data together to get better pose accuracy on the parts of the hand that would have been previously occluded when just using one camera. You could also use this to track the hands of multiple users.
The links below for will help to get started for using Multiple devices in Unity:

This example will help with using multiple devices via the LeapC API:

We also have support for multiple devices in the latest release of our hand tracking plugin for Unreal, please see the link below for information on how to get started with this:

However, it’s important to note that support for multiple devices does not mean auto-magic support for tracking the same hands from multiple positions. It is possible, but requires a highly advanced set of heuristics to outline under which conditions the software should (1) decide that a hand seen from one device is the same as a hand seen from another device, (2) know when a hand ID should persist from one field of view to another, and (3) how to prioritize conflicting reports of different hand elements, and present the results accordingly. You also have to know with absolute precision where each controller is in the space in relation to the others, which would involve a lot of manual calibration.

This represents a non-trivial project that would make sense in some extreme edge cases (like an LBE that wants to supplement the hand tracking at a certain point during the experience, or a manufacturer that wants to embed multiple controllers for a physical installation), but for the most part is a non-starter.

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