Virtual and Augmented Reality FAQs

Can I plug the Leap Motion Controller into an Oculus Rift CV1 or Rift S?

There is no spare USB port on the CV1 or S for a USB cable. You’ll need to use the cable extender included with the VR Developer Mount.

Can I plug the Leap Motion Controller into headsets with extra USB ports (e.g. HTC Vive, Pimax, or Valve Index)?

Some headsets have an extra USB port that use the device's USB connection to the computer as a USB hub. You may be able to plug the Leap Motion Controller into this port. However, this may cause performance issues resulting from low bandwidth. If this happens, you should use the cable extender included with the VR Developer Mount.

In the case of the HTC Vive, we’ve found that the onboard USB doesn’t have enough throughput if the Vive camera is activated. The camera is defaulted to off right now, but we recommend using the USB extender so that you don’t miss out. (If you’re really keen on reducing cord clutter, sometimes setting the Vive camera to 30 Hz leaves enough bandwidth.)

Can I plug the Leap Motion Controller directly into the Valve Index?

Our developer community has found that a tiny micro USB to USB A adaptor will make this possible:

You can stick the micro end into the Leap Motion Controller (see this photo) and plug it in to the larger of the two ports on the side. You should experience a framerate of 115 fps. Note that according to the developer who tried it, “the tracking is a lot worse if you put the frunk cover on over it. The plastic is too reflective, causing glare from the Leap Motion's infrared LEDs.”

Do you work on mobile/standalone headsets (e.g. Gear VR, Oculus Quest, etc.)?

Standalone headsets run on mobile chipsets, and we currently don't have support for mobile platforms. In many cases there are other barriers to development on these headsets. For example, the consumer version of the Gear VR does not allow for data transmission through its USB port, which is power-only.

Can I have the Android SDK?

We are not distributing the Android SDK at this time. At this point, we don’t have a clear ETA on the next phase of the Android SDK, or what shape it will take. However, given our commitment to VR/AR, it is something that we anticipate releasing sooner rather than later.

Does it work with the Vive Controllers?

We designed the Orion software to be robust in all kinds of environments, even when your hands are physically touching other objects. While it’s not truly seamless, we were surprised to see how well Orion tracking and the Vive controllers play together without any engineering effort.

Do the Unity assets support Vive?

Yes! The Unity Core Assets are built to use the native VR plugin, which officially supports the HTC Vive and other SteamVR headsets. Grab our latest Unity assets from to get started.

Does it interfere with HTC Vive Lighthouse tracking?

No, our technology uses a narrow range of near-infrared light that doesn’t overlap with the Lighthouse system. The VR Developer Mount fits neatly in the empty space in the middle of the faceplate.

Does Leap Motion work with the Vive tracker?

The community has seen mixed results with Leap Motion and the Vive tracker. Both operate on similar principles so they should work the same, but since we don't make the Vive Controller or the puck we can't diagnose the cause of instability or disparities between tracking models.

It might possibly be part of a broader issue with how the Vive motion trackers handle ambient (or artificial sources of) infrared light. See this thread for more information:

We have seen that it works correctly without issues when using SteamVR2.0 base stations (ones included with the Vive Pro full package, with the Valve Index, or available directly from Valve) and the 2018 Vive Trackers (the ones with blue Vive logos). This interference also now applies to the new Index controllers; the same fix applies.

Does it interfere with Oculus Rift tracking?

On the DK2, the Leap Motion Controller covered three LEDs in the center of the faceplate, and it didn’t affect Constellation tracking in the slightest. The mount covers two LEDs on the CV1, leaving nine still visible to the tracking camera.

What can the mounted controller track?

The Leap Motion Controller’s field of view (FOV) is 150 degrees wide and 120 degrees deep (averaging 135 degrees). Since its FOV exceeds that of most headsets (such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive), your hands will always appear within the virtual FOV.

Where can I connect with other North Star developers?

The most active channel for North Star developers is the community Discord channel:

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