Demo Suite for Windows and Mac troubleshooting

Leap Motion® have recently made a number of changes to the versions of their SDK they make available, which has some effects on using the Leap Motion® SDK with Ultrahaptics demos:

From V3 on, Leap Motion has chosen to support Microsoft Windows only, dropping support for macOS and Linux. So that our products continue to benefit from improvements in Leap Motion’s tracking technology, new releases of our Ultrahaptics demos will only be available on the Microsoft Windows platform.

The Ultrahaptics SDK will continue to work with, and be supported on all our existing platforms: Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux (x86 & ARM).

Leap Motion® have recently released V4 Beta of their SDK. However for Demo Suite, Sensation Editor and SDK examples, please use the recommended Leap Motion® SDK:

  • macOS: Leap Motion® have dropped support for MacOS and Linux in later versions of their SDK but you can still download and use Leap Motion® SDK V2, which includes their C++ API as well as basic gesture recognition used in some of our examples.
  • Windows: Leap Motion® Orion V4. Please note that Leap Motion® has deprecated gesture tracking as well as their C++ API in this version. To build our SDK examples use version 2 or 3.

You can find the latest versions of Ultrahaptics SDK, demos and tools in the downloads area.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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