Ultraleap Unreal Plugin FAQs

We have been working hard to get ourselves close to feature party with our Unity Plugin. To see a comprehensive list of what's changed in the new Unreal Engine plugin, please see the changelog for the most up to date information.

Getting started

Where can I find the new plugin?

Where can I find the documentation?

Is the Unreal Engine plugin available via the Unreal Engine marketplace?

  • Not yet! We are in the process of working with Epic to get our Unreal Marketplace listing live - watch this space!


Can I use the Unreal Engine Plugin 4.0 with my existing project?

  • Yes, see our the readme on GitHub for the most update information in this regard

What hand tracking software do I need to use this plugin with?

  • Our latest Unreal plugin will only work with V5 of our tracking, also known as Gemini - you can download this here.

Which version of the Unreal Engine do I need to use?

Which hardware can I use with this plugin?


How do I set up the Unreal Engine plugin?


Do I need to configure my Unreal Engine project in a certain way for compatibility with the Unreal Engine plugin?


Does this plugin work with XR2 headsets?

Does this plugin work with OpenXR?


Is the Plugin open source?

  • This Plugin is open source and we very much welcome your contributions, so please feel free to make pull requests, just please make sure to tell us why your suggestion would be useful to other developers

How do I contribute?

  • The readme in the repository on Ultraleap’s GitHub instance outlines how to contribute

What is happening to the LeapUnreal repo?

  • The Leap Unreal repository is now deprecated and is no longer the location for active development of Ultraleap’s hand tracking tools for Unreal.
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