Known Issues (Gemini)

Known issues with Ultraleap Gemini V5 Hand Tracking Software.

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Troubleshooting Guide here.


  • On some machines, the Leap Motion Controller will show as disconnected with V5 and tracking does not work. However, the same camera will work without issues with V4.

  • Tracking does not resume when the Windows OS awakes from a hibernated shutdown (i.e. “sleep” mode). This includes the Fast Startup feature in Windows 10 as that will put the computer in a hibernated state instead of performing a full shutdown.

  • Hands can be seen to drift in the Tracking Visualizer when the tracking has been paused or during a tracking mode change. The server stops sending new data, however the LeapC.dll client code still continues to extrapolate hand positions from progressively older data.

  • Skeleton hands overlay on the camera image can be seen to misalign in the Tracking Visualizer when swapping between camera devices as the Visualizer does not update to use a new calibration value. This currently can be resolved by closing and re-opening the Visualizer.

  • Occasionally, there will be missed notifications that Leap Motion Controller is in the process of a firmware upgrade. There will still be a notification that the upgrade has occurred.

  • On some machines, the Tracking Visualizer does not display camera images. Hands will still be tracked but the visualizer displays a grey screen instead. A restart of the Tracking service may fix this on some occasions.

  • Tracking service intermittently stopping when using some applications (e.g. OBS) at the same time as the hand tracking application.

  • Control Panel can display old statuses on service restart when swapping between multiple devices. Workaround: Restart the Control Panel.

  • Small memory leak (11-17MB) every time a client is connected or disconnected or when there is a change in the tracking mode. Restarting the service will set the memory usage back to its initial baseline.

  • Occasionally, the Control Panel “About” tab does not refresh properly to display the correct firmware version.

  • Even though the Tracking Service has restarted successfully, there is a Control Panel notification pops up informing that the Tracking Service has stopped.

  • When running the installer to add LeapSDK or to install a new V5 version of the Tracking Software, the installation will fail due to write permissions if ‘No’ is selected when asked to uninstall the older version of the software’. Workaround: Select ‘Yes’ to uninstall previous version of the software to completely re-install the Tracking Software.

  • The Control Panel tab labels can sometime be cut off when moving across screens with difference resolutions.

  • If Qt is installed locally on the machine, there can be a conflict with the QT_QPA_PLATFORM_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable that causes issues when running the installer and Control Panel. Workaround: Deactivate the QT_QPA_PLATFORM_PLUGIN_PATH in the environment variables.

  • After installation, the Control Panel may not open from the Start Menu. This appears to be a Windows OS issue and is fixed after a computer restart.

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