Troubleshooting Guide V5 (Gemini)

This guide is designed to help customers who are using V5 (Gemini) hand tracking software on Windows operating systems.

A list of known and resolved issues can be found here.

For customers using V2 on Windows or Mac or V4 (Orion) software please use the links below to navigate to the correct troubleshooting guide for your software:

Troubleshooting Guide Windows / Mac V2

Troubleshooting Guide Windows Orion V4

Upgrade from previous versions of Ultraleap Hand Tracking Software with our Migration Guide.

For the Gemini release notes please see here.


Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Ensure the Leap Motion Controller or Stereo IR 170 is plugged directly into your machine.

When the Ultraleap Control Panel application is running, it displays an icon in the notification area of the Windows Taskbar. You can use the menu attached to the icon to open the control panel and visualizer. When an Ultraleap Tracking Device is plugged in and working properly, the icon turns green. Other colors indicate errors and abnormal operating conditions:

2: Find whether your computer detects your Leap Motion Controller or Stereo IR 170

Windows 10:

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom left of the taskbar next to the Windows button

  • Type in “Device Manager” in the search bar

  • Check if the Leap Motion Controller is detected under “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, “Imaging Devices” or “Cameras”

Windows 11:

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom left of the taskbar next to the Windows button

  • Type in “Device Manager” in the search bar

  • Check if the Leap Motion Controller is detected under “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, “Imaging Devices” or “Cameras”

3. Uninstall any previous versions of Leap Motion or Ultraleap hand tracking software

V5 (Gemini) and previous hand tracking software versions can be installed simultaneously and will not overwrite each other as they are installed to different locations. V5 (Gemini) and previous hand tracking software versions should not be run simultaneously. Doing so causes numerous issue such as contention to claim the tracking hardware.

4. How to view your Tracking Software software log

  1. Right-click your tray icon → Open Control Panel → General → Show Software Log...

5. Check the software compatibility of the application being used

Using an application with an incompatible version of our hand tracking software will cause hand tracking to not function correctly. Please check the application requirements to ensure that a compatible software version is installed and running.


Troubleshooting the status of your Ultraleap Tracking Device

For various reasons your Ultraleap tracking device can fail to work properly. This table will help you to determine the cause. Before you begin, make sure you have downloaded and installed the most up-to-date software for your Ultraleap tracking device.

  Tracking Status Tray icon Information Resolution
Camera status Stereo IR170 / Leap Motion Controller connected tray_icon_working.png
  • Indicates that the Stereo IR170 / Leap Motion Controller has connected successfully

  • It does not mean that the tracking software is able to successfully retrieve camera frames

Camera status Disconnected tray_icon_not_working.png
  • Indicates that tracking will not work because the software cannot detect any camera connected
  • Check cables and try alternatives

  • Change USB port

  • Check Device Manager

  • Check power LEDs on devices

  • Connect to a different PC

  • Reinstall Windows

Tracking software status Idle tray_icon_working.png
  • Indicates that the tracking service is running and is idle

  • This means that tracking (or more specifically the tracking system loop) is not running because a client application is not connected

    • Tracking loop consists of: Retrieve camera frames → input to model → output tracking data

Tracking software status Tracking tray_icon_working.png
  • Indicates that the tracking is running successfully. A user should see hands being tracked in their application
Tracking software status Paused tray_icon_pause.png
  • Indicates if tracking is paused. Even if there are client applications that have requested for tracking data, but the data is not being sent because user has specifically chosen to pause tracking
  • User can right-click tray icon to Resume Tracking
Tracking software status Stopped tray_icon_not_working.png
  • Indicate that the service has stopped or isn’t running
  • Open up the list of services going to the Task Manager > Services

  • Search for Ultraleap Tracking Service in the list of services and right click on it

  • Start (or restart) the service


We do not recommend plugging in the device via a USB Hub, it may not receive enough power and the USB bandwidth associated with the Hub may not be sufficient for the device to work effectively. To optimal performance we recommend connecting the tracking device directly to your computer via USB.

Tracking Visualiser

For a direct view of the cameras of your Ultraleap Tracking Device open the Ultraleap Tracking Visualiser by right clicking on the Ultraleap icon in the system tray and then clicking on Visualiser. Alternatively this can also be opened from within the Ultraleap Control Panel under the Camera Feed tab.

In the visualiser you are able to see what our hand tracking software sees! Check that there is a clear image free from distortions, artefacts or smudges and that the hands are entering the image from the bottom of the frame as shown in the image below:



Camera Placement

Ensure that there are minimal infrared (IR) sources and reflections in the camera’s field-of-view. These can reduce the quality of hand tracking.

Digital screens and other reflective surfaces can act as mirrors, creating IR glare from the camera module’s own LEDs. To avoid this, place the camera outside the screen’s projection plane.

Operating your Ultraleap camera in bright sunlight may also impact performance. To improve performance, consider changing your camera placement.

We recommend using the Visualizer to check that hand tracking is operating as expected.

TouchFree IR sources

IR sources and reflections can be seen in the Visualizer.

TouchFree Camera Projection Plane

Camera should be placed outside of the screen’s projection plane. Try to maintain this even when screen is tilted.

TouchFree Object in Camera FoV

Make sure there are no obstructions within the field of view of the camera. The background should be as simple as possible.

TouchFree Hands not Tracked

Use the Visualizer to check for obstructions. In this example, hands are not tracked even though they are in the centre of the camera module’s field of view.


Q: Why is there no calibration option available in Gemini V5?

A: Calibration was removed from our Gemini V5 software as we found it was being used incorrectly. Users believed that this feature had an effect on hand tracking performance, which is inaccurate.

All our hand tracking units are calibrated in the factory and should not require recalibration. Use of the calibration feature did not affect the quality of the hand tracking performance. Recalibrating one of our hand tracking modules did not improve the tracking of an already functioning unit.

The view of the hands and the system resources of the host PC has the biggest impact on the performance of hand tracking. If you are experiencing issues with your hand tracking performance please see our troubleshooting guide here for guidance on what can impact this and how to resolve these issues.


Q: The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll cannot be found

A: Missing VC redistributable dlls causes this installation error. This can be solved by installing the latest VC redistributables from here (x64 for Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022). Then re-run the installer and it will install correctly without any errors.


Q: Tracking does not resume when the Windows OS awakes from a hibernated shutdown (i.e. “sleep” mode).

A: Restart tracking service by going to Services app, scroll to Ultraleap tracking service and then click stop and start service.


Q: The tracking Visualizer does not display a camera image.

A: Restart tracking service by going to Services app, scroll to Ultraleap tracking service and then click stop and start service.


Q. Can I migrate a third party application that uses V4/V4.1/V5.0.0-preview if I don't have access to the code?

A: If you wish to use V5.2 with a third-party application but have no access to code and are unable to update the software then there is one thing that you can try. However, we cannot guarantee that this will work successfully for everyone as this not a recommended path.

Find the LeapC.dll file that lives within a folder in the application and replace that file with the new LeapC.dll file from the V5.2 SDK

If the file within the application is a Leap.dll file, this drop-and-replace will not work as Leap.dll is from the V3/V2 SDK

Q. I would like to switch between V4 and V5 on the same PC, is this possible?


  1. Check which Generation your client app is
  2. Ensure only one service is running - Gen1 (LeapService) or Gen2 (UltraleapTracking).
  3. Check tracking is working using a visualizer. A visualizer is available from the control panel included with both services.
  4. Additional troubleshooting steps that may be required:
    1. Restart the service.
    2. Unplug and plug back in the tracking hardware. (Observed often when switching Gen1→Gen2)
    3. If your application is XR-based (This include the VR visualizer bundled with the control panels):
      1. Restart the XR runtime (e.g. SteamVR).
      2. Unplug and plug back in the headset.
    4. If it's still not working you've discovered a problem not encountered yet. Please try a few more of the following steps and add a comment or a row to the Test Cases table below to describe your situation.
      1. Check that the client and service version are compatible, e.g. they're the same version or are verified to work together. There may have been a breaking change (e.g. network protocol) or a bug preventing the client and service version from working together. If unsure whether a client and service version are known to work together you may have to ask the tracking team.
      2. Restart the PC.
      3. Reinstall the service.


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