How can I adjust my hand alignment in Unity?

Leap Motion sensors are typically mounted on the front of a VR headset. Each type of headset will have slightly different mounting positions and tilt angle. To account for this, we've added a special feature for aligning the Leap Motion tracking to your specific sensor mounting. Here we've added some manual adjustment sliders to control the height, depth and tilt angle of the virtual Leap Motion device. (Note that this will be highly specific to a particular application and headset type.)

To access these features, use Unity Core Assets 4.3.1 or higher.

To manually align the Leap Motion virtual device, check the Allow Manual Device Offset checkbox in the LeapVRTemporalWarping component located on the LMHeadMountedRig prefab. These can be adjusted while running your scene in the Unity Editor. Be sure to set values and stop the Unity Editor playback.


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