What happened to gesture support? How can I make a gesture?

Touchscreen style gestures work with our V2 software available here:


for use with apps such as the ones below:


However please be aware that many of the assets associated with V2 are outdated and we would recommend using the more recent versions.

This said, if you are wishing to specifically use gestures then this will lead to issues as gestures were formally removed in the V4 SDK; technically they were deprecated with version 3, but remained in the code base until 2018. 

There are a number of different libraries available that make it possible to either hard-code a gesture or train a neural network, but they're rather old (e.g. LeapTrainer). Here's a more recent approach developed by a community member: https://forums.leapmotion.com/t/how-to-train-leap-motion/7712 

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