Temperature and overheating troubleshooting

Because of the nature of the transducers used by Ultrahaptics and the high output levels, it is quite normal for heat to build up when the array is emitting ultrasound. The transducer components are qualified for use in automotive applications with operating temperatures between -25ºC and 85ºC.  

By using an elevated frame, our development kits are designed to ensure good airflow around the array. However, you should ensure adequate ventilation is provided if building the array into an enclosure.

The STRATOS Explore Development Kit and TOUCH Development Kits include a thermal cut-off feature to protect from excessive heat. If the transducer or logic board surfaces exceed 80ºC and 65ºC respectively: 

  • The array will stop emitting, 
  • Any software using the array will continue to function normally, 
  • The array will begin emitting once the surface temperature falls to 5ºC below thresholds. 

Note: The STRATOS Explore Development Kit (USX), TOUCH Development Kit (UHDK5) Evaluation Kit (UHEV1) are provided as evaluation and development platforms and should not be used for production. Please refer to the enclosed warranty leaflet for more details.

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