Leap Motion® Camera Module troubleshooting

You must register with Leap Motion to download their software. Please ensure you are using the correct Leap Motion SDK for our software products.

Check that you have

  1. connected the Leap Motion® camera module,
  2. installed the correct Leap Motion® SDK for your platform (see our Install Demo Suite page for requirements)
  3. the Leap Motion® service is running – The Leap Motion® icon should appear in the Windows System Tray or Mac OS Status Menu. When connected and tracking this should turn green. If not, click “Resume Tracking” (you may need to wait a few minutes after reconnecting).

You can test and diagnose most issues by running the Leap Motion Control Panel and the Leap Motion Visualizer. Double-click the Leap Motion icon in System Tray or through the Start menu. Mac OS users can launch from the Leap Motion menu bar icon.

Leap motion troubleshooting

The Leap Motion® Control Panel runs a diagnostics tool in the background indicating the status of the system.

Known Issues

Windows 10 – Leap Motion® appears disconnected (icon is black) even after installing SDK and connecting Leap Motion® camera module.

The latest Windows 10 release has a bug that disagrees with the Leap Motion driver/runtime software. They have shared the following fix:

  1. Navigate to this directory within the Leap Motion folder – “C:\Program Files (x86)\Leap Motion\Core Services\Drivers”
  2. Run dpinst64.exe
  3. Press Next and allow it to install drivers. One or more entry in the list at the end may show as “failed”; this is not a problem.
  4. That should then allow the device to show up in the Leap control panel and be used with our applications and demos.
  • Reconnect the USB cable directly to your machine. Leap Motion recommend not using a USB hub.
  • After connecting, you may need to wait a few minutes for the Leap Motion service to start

Please refer to Leap Motion’s Troubleshooting Guide for more details and read our detailed troubleshooting guide.

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