General troubleshooting FAQs

If you are experiencing any issues with your Ultrahaptics product, please work through the list of common issues below to diagnose your issue. 

Read the following to confirm your setup first: 

  • Ensure all cables – Leap Motion® USB, Ultrahaptics array USB and power supply – are working and connected
    • STRATOS Inspire is a fully enclosed product with a single USB-C connector
  • Use only the Ultrahaptics power supply provided with your kit and that it is switched on
  • Check logic board power switch is on (STRATOS and TOUCH Development kit only)
  • Array boards are correctly attached and firmly seated
  • Leap Motion® camera module is seated correctly in the array frame
  • Correct drivers installed (Leap Motion® SDK, Ultrahaptics SDK). Get the software here. 

The array has stopped working or doesn’t work

When started, the Ultrahaptics Demo Suite will notify you if either the Leap Motion® camera module or the Ultrahaptics array is not connected.   

The Sensation Editor icons will indicate connection status. See Sensation Editor tutorial. 

Leap Motion® not connected or not working

Ensure you have connected the Leap Motion® camera module, installed the correct Leap Motion® SDK for your platform (see our Install Demo Suite page for requirements) and that the Leap Motion® service is running.

The Leap Motion® icon should appear in the Windows System Tray or Mac OS Status Menu. When connected and tracking this should turn green. If not, click “Resume Tracking” (you may need to wait a few minutes after reconnecting).  

You can troubleshoot most issues using Leap Motion’s Settings and Visualizer dialogs. Go to for a full troubleshooting guide. 

Ultrahaptics Array is connected but does not appear in my host PC

  • Check connections guidelines above.
  • Ensure the Ultrahaptics array is visible to your system: View Windows Device Manager or check Mac OS System Report. 
    • Windows 7 users: see additional steps below. 
  • Power cycle and check board status LEDs (see below). 
  • Check your array has the latest firmware using Ultrahaptics UHFlashTool. 

STRATOS Inspire troubleshooting

STRATOS™ Inspire has been designed to operate with minimal user intervention. However, should you encounter any issues, the following guidance may help you to resolve it.

No haptics from device

If the red LED is showing, disconnect both power and USB cables from the STRATOS™ Inspire, wait 10-15 minutes to allow it to cool, then re-connect and try again. If there is no response from the unit, contact Ultrahaptics or the vendor from whom you purchased the unit. If there is no LED showing, restart the demo or Ultrahaptics software, and try again. If this doesn’t work, turn the power to the STRATOS™ Inspire off, wait a few seconds and reboot.

My development kit has weak or unfocused output 

  1. Ultrahaptics development kits have separate transducer and logic boards, connected using four board-to-board sockets. If you believe the haptic output is weak, check that these are connected correctly.

The STRATOS Explore Development Kit (USX) can only be connected in one orientation, with the power, USB sockets and Leap Motion® camera module cradle facing the same way.

The TOUCH Development Kit (UHDK5) should be connected with the power, USB sockets and Leap Motion® camera module cradle facing the same way. 


The Evaluation Kit (UHEV1) does not have keyed sockets. Sockets are labelled J1_CON1 to J1_CON4 and should be connected to their corresponding sockets on each board. Some kits indicate the correct orientation with a coloured, circular sticker in the corner of both boards. These should align when connected correctly. 

2. Ensure boards are firmly seated by gently pressing together. Any operations and handling of the boards should be done with appropriate anti-static measures. 

3. Ensure your kit is using the correct power supply and outputting the correct voltage:

Ultrahaptics array DC output
TOUCH Development Kit (UHDK5) 12V DC
STRATOS Inspire Haptic Module (USI) 24V DC
STRATOS Development Kit (USX) 24V DC
Evaluation Kit (UHEV1) 20V DC

Ultrahaptics Demo Suite / Sensation Editor starts normally but there is no output

  • Close any other Ultrahaptics application. 
  • Ensure you have the latest software for your device.  
  • Delete older versions and power cycle your array after updating new software.  
  • Board temperature may have exceeded threshold. Disconnect and allow to cool. 
  • Check board status LEDs (see below). 

Ultrahaptics Array Status LEDs  

The following gives an overview of some of the LED indicators found on our development kits and their meaning:

Ultrahaptics array   LED  Function  Description 
TOUCH Development Kit (UHDK5) 6  Transducer Status  Green: Ready 


Red (intermittent): Active output Red (constant): error status 

7  Clock Heartbeat  Blue flashing: active 
8  Boot status  Red: Booting 


Green: Ready 

STRATOS Inspire Haptic Module (USI) 1  Product Status  Red: Overheat or electronics failure 


Green: OK 

STRATOS Explore Development Kit (USX) 2  FPGA Status  Red: Booting 


Green: Ready 

Blue (flashing): Firmware Update 

  3  USB status  Green (constant): Ready 


Green (flashing): Active 

Blue (flashing): Firmware Update 

  7  TX Active  Blue: Active 
Evaluation Kit (UHEV1) STATUS  STATUS  Green: Booted 


Blue: Firmware update  

Red: Error 

If unlit, please power cycle 

I’m using Windows 7 and can’t get Ultrahaptics to run

Windows 7 requires additional steps to manually install the USB driver:

  • Connect your Ultrahaptics array, 
  • Download the Zadig USB installation tool and run with Administrator privileges, 
  • Select Options->List All Devices and select your array, 
  • Use the up/down arrows to select libusbK, 
  • Click either Replace Driver or Install Driver, 
  • Power cycle the array and restart the demo. 

You can view a short video showing these steps:

Some underpowered Windows 7 machines may exhibit poor performance with the demo – unresponsiveness and crashing – due to intermittent Leap Motion® camera module failure. You may be able to improve performance by selecting Low Resource Mode within the Leap Motion® settings. 

If are still having a problem with your Ultrahaptics product, please contact support, where we will endeavour to respond to you within one to two business days.

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