Setup and comfortable use of your Leap Motion Controller

Here are a few simple ways to help make using the Leap Motion Controller feel natural and easy.


Place the Leap Motion Controller on your desk where it's comfortable to use.

  • If standing or sitting high on a chair, DO hold your elbows near your side. Keep your forearms parallel to the floor and at a right-angle to your body.
  • If sitting at usual desk height, DO rest your elbows or forearms on your desk. Avoid uneven, sharp edges. Hold your hands just above the device, your wrist and hands in roughly a straight line.



  • DON'T hunch over your device. Keep it's field of view clear from obstructions, including yourself.
  • DON'T bend your elbows and your wrists with your arms close together.
  • DON'T hold your arms straight ahead of you in the air.
  • DON'T rest your arms on a surface where it forces your elbows to be pointed out to the side.



For comfortable use with VR applications, review the Oculus health and safety guidelines HERE.

Other headset manufacturers may have other best practices.

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