How to mount the Leap Motion Controller 2 on Meta Quest devices

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The XR Headset Mount for the Leap Motion Controller 2 (“the Mount”) provides an easy and convenient method of adding Ultraleap hand tracking to your Meta Quest headset.

Designed for the Leap Motion Controller 2 (“the Device”), the Mount features a flexible back, allowing it to more easily conform to the shape of several different headsets, including the Meta Quest 2 and 3.

This guide provides instructions for attaching the Mount to your Meta Quest headset.

What you need

  1. The Device.

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The Leap Motion Controller 2 Camera Accessory

  1. The Headset
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Oculus Quest 2

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Meta Quest 3

  1. The Mount. It features a back that conforms to several headset face curvatures, providing a secure fit across numerous headset designs. It securely fits to the headset face using reusable nanotape.

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  1. The Cable. A 22 cm USB 3.0, type C to type C cable is provided to connect the Device to the Headset.


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Mounting Instructions

Step 1

Remove the white backing material from the mating surface of the Mount. This is best done by using a fingernail to peel from the corner.

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Step 2

Before you attach the Mount, be aware that the it has been designed to be positioned with the camera tilting downwards, as shown.

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Step 3

Once the backing material is removed, position the Mount over the headset face such that the top edge of the Mount is aligned with the bottom edge of the Meta/Oculus logo.


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Step 4

Fix the Mount to the headset face by pressing firmly through the gap shown below. The back should conform to the headset surface for a secure fit.

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Step 5

Load the Device into the Mount by angling the Device into the Mount one end at a time. Following one end of the Device being positioned in the Mount, pivot about this end until the other end snaps in place in the Mount. A picture of one of the Device positioned in the Mount is shown below.

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Step 6

Connect either end of the included USB C cable to the Device and the Quest 3, as shown. This cable position and connector orientation is recommended to minimize cable interference with cameras of the Device or the Quest 3.

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